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Coffee Machine Drip Coffee Maker Portable Pot Smart Auto Machine for Home Travel Mini Coffeeware – 928252

Large-Capacity Coffee Machine: The grinder coffee machine can brew multiple cups of coffee. The coffee machine uses a pot full to welcome the satisfying aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee in less than ten minutes. Our coffee machines are designed to make delicious coffee consistently and effortlessly. Active Temperature Control: The electronic temperature control technology of the coffee machine can help you control the optimal temperature to achieve the best coffee extraction. The independent thermostat of the coffee machine adjusts the water temperature and the temperature of the milk foam separately, so that the coffee tastes to the ideal state, and the milk foam is dense and dense. Pressure System: Our espresso machine is equipped with a super powerful high-pressure pump with high power. The coffee machine can provide fast and stable extraction, making the coffee more fragrant and rich. The coffee machine guarantees that the espresso is extracted effectively at the optimum pressure to ensure that your coffee drinks are perfectly produced. Safe And Easy to Operate: This coffee machine is made of high-quality materials that are harmless to the human body. The shell is anti-scalding and has an automatic pressure relief function. The coffee machine control panel only needs to adjust the menu settings of temperature, coffee strength and cup size according to your preferences. The coffee machine takes care of the rest. Accurate water temperature and restore hand washing.

Portable Handheld Car Vacuums Pet Hair Cleaner USB for Car and Home 120W 8000pa Powerful Wireless Vacuum – 928228

Powerful suction handheld vacuum cleaner: With 120W super high power motor with strong suction up to 8000Pa, this car vacuum can clean not only dust, paper scraps but also small stuff like bread crumb. As a wet&dry handheld vacuum, it can also clean the wet surface. Strong suction but with lower noise, lower than 70dB when working, don't worry the noise. Premium lithium battery-quick charge and long runtime: Equipped with two 2200mA lithium batteries, it takes only 2~3 hours to fully charge. car vacuum cleaner cordless ensures up to at least 30min of continuous use, enough to deep clean your home or car. Three pieces washable hepa filter: Combined with stainless steel and sponge, the filter of the portable vacuum cleaner is detached and washable. Take off the filter and wash it with water, easy to clean. 3 attached filters for change, save your money. Multi-functional nozzles: handheld vacuum cleaners are equipped with 3 different nozzles to meet your need. Long service nozzle for hard to reach area ; Brush nozzle for carpet cleaning ; Wide mouth brush for floors. Handheld vacuum sweep all your troubles. Compact and lightweight: Our mini vacuum cleaner only weights 350g, easy to hold. Compact design, you can easily store the car vacuum cleaner anywhere, don't take up space.

Bag Sealer Handheld Heat Sealers with Cutter Food Storage Snack Fresh Bag Sealer – 928227

Multi-function: The mini sealer can cut open plastic bags with one end and seal them tightly with the other end. It is a great device to have if you are carrying food while traveling, or if you want to reuse plastic bags efficiently. It takes only a couple of minutes to seal and cut using this device Simple operation method: When sealing need clamp the sealer with the bag , Press the" +" item After 3-5seconds of warm-up, move the seal and sealed the bag slowly. The minus sign "-" on the other hand is the practical function for opening the bag. High-quality materials: High quality ABS material, resistance to high and low temperature. This material is resistant to high and low stability and can be used for a long time without damage. Mini-sized and portable: It has a hook so you can hang it up with other utensils. Perfect portable bag sealer for kitchen, hunting, fishing, camping, travel and more. Suitable for travel and home use: The mini sealer is used to make an airtight seal on plastic bags, which consequently helps to keep the food inside it fresh and unspoiled for a long time. It can thus also help you stay healthy .Appropriated for various bags,such as storage bags, potato chip bags, fruit bags, sugar bags and so on.

Portable Folding Table Lightweight Camping Table for Camping Hiking Picnic – 928221

Strong Stability: Well structured holders with sturdy joints and connectors make the desk stable and smooth on different surfaces Rust-Free & High Quality: Made of 600D rip stop Oxford cloth with high-strength aluminum alloy frame Easy To Setup: Foldable mesh and extensible metal poles make it easy to set up and fold down. Unfold the frame, fix two supporting stakes and then install the table plate. Within one minute you can finish the assembly process Weight Capacity: 33 lbs Portable & Lightweight: Both the cloth and the holders are foldable making it easy to carry and store. The table comes with a durable nylon bag, which only weighs 1.7 pounds

Picnic Blanket Mat Waterproof Plaid Picnic Mat Portable Suitable Beaches Camping Leisure Outdoor Sandproof – 928220

Premium Material: Our picnic blanket is made of three layers, waterproof pongee fabric on the top, needle punched cotton in middle and waterproof PEVA material on bottom, the thickened and sturdy fabric make it perfectly comfortable for people with different weights. Measures about 80x60 inches, extra large for 2-5 adults to sit on it. Classic Design: Our humanized and attractive picnic blanket is of classic blue plaid design, this is fashion forward and sure to impress family and friends when having lunch at a picnic. You can take nice picnic photos and leave beautiful gathering memories. Machine Washable: This picnic blanket is machine washable due to its cotton fixing processing, no need to worry about that it will deform after washing, durable for long time use, and free your hands for washing. Waterproof & Sandproof & Dirtproof: The picnic blanket is constructed with waterproof top and bottom in order to keep out moisture and water. Dirt, mud, wet grass, and beach sand could be easily shaked or wiped off, easy to clean, provides you with comfortable use experience. Foldable & Portable: The blanket is easy to fold to a compact size, and store by a hand rope for easy transport. Perfect for picnics, camping, hiking, grass, beach, fishing, outdoor concerts and ect., let your family, friends and you enjoy a pleasant leisure time.

Camping Hammock Colorful Multifunctional Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks 450 lbs with Ropes Double Bed – 928219

Includes Hammock measuring 190x150cm and with 2 ropes. The rope joint is specially weaved according to physics rules in order every string stand the same weight and the hammock is strong enough. This Brazilian hammock is roomy enough for sharing a snooze with a friend. Premium cotton basma fabric construction resists spills and is air-permeable for easy cleanup and comfortable resting without hot spots and Stunning colors hammock is highlight of the yard. Maximum support weight: 450lbs, which accommodates up to two adults Perfect for camping, outdoor hammock bed, picnic mat, kids crawl mat, outdoor relax hammock bed, and it is a perfect alternative to a tent. Each pack includes one hammock is convenient matching carry bag for easy transport. Easy to pack and storage, it is easily folded and fits into an integrated pocket with 8.5" x 5" x 5" of folding size You can leave it in your backyard, bring it to your cottage, take it camping or use it anywhere indoor or outdoor. Relax in the park, your backyard, and more with this sturdy, lightweight, and spacious hammock built with an interlocking string pattern for reinforced stability.

Can Opener Stainless Steel Manual with Ergonomic Anti Slip Handles – 928143

Ergonomically Designed: The manual can opener knob is S-shaped and bigger design, which is ergonomically designed to make fingers more comfortable, premium anti-slip handle is immensely soft to use. The can opener's rotating cutting wheel will cut the sturdy easily. It's extremely easy to hold and works well. Hanging hole design for convenient storage. Premium Stainless Steel: This can opener adopts reinforced, premium stainless steel design, will not break or bend, very durable for daily use. It has high strength and super strong corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time. There are also two replaceable blades for replacement and wine corkscrew. Sharp Blades: Sharp electroplated cutting side plates can easily pierce and open various types of cans. Professional design with knife-shaped teeth on wheels, tightly gripped, without jagged edges, easy to pierce and open all types of can lids. The certified blades are made of high-strengthen alloy material, making cutting easy, safe and hygienic, and there are no sharp burrs or any metal scraps in food on the lid. Wide Range of Applications: The can opener is suitable for various sizes of cans, and can open large or small bottles cans at any time. Elegant shapes, designed for home kitchen, baking room, restaurant and bar. The opener can be used on tin cans, oil cans, milk cans, cat and dog food cans, metal cans, aluminum cans, beer cans, small cans, large cans, round cans, square cans, kettles, cans, etc. Easy to Clean: Just wipe it or rinse it under running tap water, gently wash it, then open out fully to make it easier to dry up after washing. In order to prolong the service life of the product, please put it in a dry place to prevent rust, such as cabinet, rack, wall, drawer. The steel can opener is lightweight and easy to carry to camping, party, outdoor picnics, etc.

Pulled Claws Best Meat Bear Claws Perfect for Shredding Handling Carving Food – 928140

Meltproof & Dishwasher Safe: Made of Food grade ABS, BPA-fre, and heat resistant up to 475?F. You never worry about your shredding tools melting near the grill or in the dishwasher. Time Saver: Pulled pork shredder claws dominate chicken, beef, brisket, turkey, poultry, hams, roasts and anything from your slow cooker, grill or smoker in record time. Easy to Use: Shredding, carving, handling, lifting and pulling apart meat has never been easier. Just hold your meat with one claw and use the other to shred away. Much safer and better than using a large fork. Meat Handler Forks Never Lose Grip: Bear paw shaped so you can pick up and carry hot foods in the kitchen without dropping them or burning your hands. Supreme Clean: No matter how hard you use your meat claws, clean up is easy with our dishwasher safe kitchen claws.

Digital Alarm Clock Large LCD Display Thermometer Smart Night Light Back Light – 928139

Large LED Display: Tells time clearly and quietly, no radiation. It guaranteed that make sure you can see exactly the time without troubling sleep. A great alarm clocks for bedrooms. Smart Light: Photosensitive electronic luminous function, it will automatically shine a faint backlight when the ambient light is not enough to tell time. (Able to shut off if you want). The backlight can be also turned on for 5 seconds by clicking the top button. Mute & Gradual Ringing: The clock won't make ticking sounds, keeping quiet when normal operating. The alarm rings gradually and softly to make sure that it won't frighten people slept soundly. Snooze Function: When the alarm rings and you push the top button, bell ring will stop and rings after 5 minutes. Diverse with Information: Diverse with information on-screen includes month, date, alarm setting, and indoor temperature. You can set the time display to a 12- or 24-hour clock.

Digital Alarm Clock Large LCD Display Thermometer Smart Night Light Back Light – 928138

Large LED Display: Tells time clearly and quietly, no radiation. It guaranteed that make sure you can see exactly the time without troubling sleep. A great alarm clocks for bedrooms. Smart Light: Photosensitive electronic luminous function, it will automatically shine a faint backlight when the ambient light is not enough to tell time. (Able to shut off if you want). The backlight can be also turned on for 5 seconds by clicking the top button. Mute & Gradual Ringing: The clock won't make ticking sounds, keeping quiet when normal operating. The alarm rings gradually and softly to make sure that it won't frighten people slept soundly. Snooze Function: When the alarm rings and you push the top button, bell ring will stop and rings after 5 minutes. Diverse with Information: Diverse with information on-screen includes month, date, alarm setting, and indoor temperature. You can set the time display to a 12- or 24-hour clock.

Portable Negative Ion Generator Travel Plug Air Purifier Filterless Ionizer – 928122

The plug-in power supply is used, and the device can be turned on or off by one button, with a working indicator Whenever working for 2 hours, the equipment will automatically stop for 20 minutes, and then automatically continue to work without any noise Intelligent chip processing, release 20 million negative ions, deal with peculiar smell and air impurities, and work continuously to achieve the effect of purifying the air No need to replace any filter element, the device will automatically decompose and remove impurities, saving you excess consumption. Suitable for living room, kitchen, bedroom, children's room, bathroom, pet room, garage, basement, office It cannot be disassembled and cleaned. You can only wipe the surface of the equipment to achieve cleanliness. The equipment works more and only benefits human health, and will not harm your health.

Portable Massage Gun Mini Handheld Percussive Massager Powerful Percussion – 928121

Light but Powerful: Only 1.1lbs, easy to carry, but with a brushless high-torque motor, up to 3800rpm. It can awaken your mind, enliven your soul, and leave your body healthier and shapelier than ever. Replace Heads: This item is equipped with 4 massage heads for the precise massage to give your body all-around care and let your fitness effect is double. 4 Speed Level: Message Gun has 4-speed strength levels, which allow you to get the right and appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain. Easy Charging & Long Working Time: This product uses USB charging, you can charge it anywhere with any smartphone adaptor. 7-11 hours long working time. One-Button Operation: Equipped with only one button at the bottom of the handle to prevent accidental contact, super easy to control all operations by one button.

Cotton Sleep Mask Blackout Comfortable Breathable Eye Mask Adjustable – 928120

Perfect Light Blockout & Breathable: The "nose wing? design of the sleep mask can effectively block lights coming from the nose area so you can get sound sleep or relax your eyes whenever or wherever. Ultra Soft & Comfortable: The surface material is made of 95% in organic cotton and 5% spandex, made of pure cotton padding inside. This new type of sleep mask offers you a soft and fresh touch on eyes with the natural material, which can release your facial stress and help you get into sleep rapidly. Fully Adjustable: This sleep mask can be adjusted in length to perfectly fit the various heads without tangling your hair or feeling tight. It is a perfect gift for adults as well as children. Light Weight & Portable: Our sleep mask, which is made of Skin-friendly cotton, is lightweight and portable, so you almost barely notice that they're on your head. With the foldable design and a free carry bag, you can easily carry the sleep mask with you wherever at work, on travel or at home. Durable: Our new design of the cotton sleep mask is produced with highly strict standards to guard every procedure. It is flexible, foldable washable and can retrieve to its original after washing it.

6-Piece Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set Stainless Steel Stackable Dual Sided – 928118

6 Piece Set: 6 measuring spoons help you accurately measure ingredients. It?s like having two sets, can be fitted to any bottle mouth. This package contains different sizes measuring spoons: 1tbsp 1/2tbsp 1tsp 1/2tsp 1/4tsp 1/8tsp Ergonomic Design: Elongated spoon for easy scooping into a jar, narrow oval end designed for reaching jar, round end suitable for liquid, metric measurement marking is easy to read, nest w/ a removable stainless steel ring for easy & compact storage Stackable Dual Sided: This is compatible with measuring the dry and liquid ingredients, round end measuring the liquid ingredient. Measuring spoons flat on the bottom included leveler that can measure the exact amount for your recipes Magnetic For Easy Use/Storage: Each has a strengthen magnetic center allowing for easy tightly stacks together to keep these neatly in the drawer, no need to take them out of the ring & put them back in, they return to original position w/ a touch Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons: These are made of premium stainless steel which has a sturdy construction & brushed finished surface. They are integrated & very smooth, so no nooks or crannies for dirt to hide, will not rust, bend, or deform

Electric Mini Garlic Vegetable Chopper Food Slicer and Portable Blender Masher – 928116

One-touch Operation: Just put food or ingredients in the mini food processor by hand, lock the cover and start with one click to quickly shred food, get rid of the trouble of hand-drawing. It can be made into garlic puree in 10 seconds, saving you more time and energy, truly release your hands. Ultra Portable Mini Size & Easy to Clean: The dimension is 9.7x8.7x8.7 cm, 100ml Food processor is a good choice for small kitchens, RVs, travel and camping. Save space for your pocket/backpack, take and go.he cup body and lid are separable. You can remove the blade and wash the blade and the cup body with water directly after chopping the food, full body waterproof, easy to clean, doesn't hide any dirt. Premium Safe Material: This mini electric Garlic Masher adopts BPA free material that is harmless to your family. Food grade 304 stainless steel blades of the blender are more resistant to rust and corrosion. the blades are ultra-sharp. The body is made of high-quality ABS, PP and PC materials, food-grade cup body, safe for containing food, firm. Easy Cleaning: Simply put food or ingredients into the mini food processor by hand, lock the lid and start with one button to quickly chop food. The bowl and blade can be separated for easy cleaning. High-quality Chopper: Cutter Head 304 Stainless Steel, Cup Body PC, Machine head ABS, safe for containing food.

Wide Citrus Lemon and Kitchen Vegetable Grater Zester 18/8 Stainless Steel – 928114

Comfortable to Use: The Grater has a razor-sharp stainless steel blade and a comfortable, non-slip handle. Special design of handle, colorful and soft, ergonomic design make it comfortable to cook. Multifunction: Just only one our Grater, the sharp grating edges allows you to zest and grate almost anything - coconut, potato, cabbage, apple, lemon, lime, orange, onion, papaya, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic, carrot, chocolate, etc. Easy to Clean: Special design make it easy to clean and free of dead corner, it's a snap to clean. Just pass it under running water. And it's dishwasher safe! Simple Storage with two Convenient Holes: One in the handle, the other in the end of the blade; hang it, or, simply toss it in the utensil drawer. Make Your Kitchen Life Easier: It?s just like a magic wand, turn your food as elegant as you. Less calories and tastes better. More enjoy your cooking by using the grater zester.

Silicone Collapsible Funnel Portable Flexible Foldable Kitchen Travel Funnel – 928113

Material: Flexible funnel with 100% food grade silicone, BPA Free, soft texture, easy to fold, easy storage, not easy to oil, clean, environmentally friendly material no smell. No need to worry that the funnel may damage the health of your families. One folding funnel has a diameter of 3.4 inches and a height of 4.1 inches, which is large enough for any place in the kitchen. Content: Simple and practical liquid, dry powder and other transport methods. Unlike other brands, our channel gives you a non-chemical odor experience. Design : Collapsible funnel has a foldable feature that makes it very small and easy to store in any place. Expand use, fold store. Fold after taking up less kitchen space, easy to store. With it, your kitchen will be more delicate. Wide use: This funnel can be used to transfer liquids and powders (such as protein powder, canned food, hot sauce, coffee, essential oils, seasonings, perfumes, etc.) to bottles, and is an essential helper in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 800ml Easy Clean Tea Pot with Filter – 928112

The Best Coffee Press: We use the best materials to manufacture our products and coffee machines therefore our stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker is made from top quality stainless steel, both the interior and exterior Double Wall Construction: The most important thing for us is that you will be comfortable and safe so our french press makerbuilding a double wall - a double wall insulated pot keeps coffee or tea warmer that you will enjoy your morning with good and hot coffee and outside stays cool to the touch 3 Layer Filter of Micro Mesh Filter: 3 layer filter structure traps the smallest coffee grounds giving you an amazingly smooth cup of coffee. Filter screen is easy to disassemble and clean. The preferred way to brew gourmet coffee!! Fashionable Mirror Finish: It is important to us in the visibility of our product, so it creates an elegant look with an exterior mirror finish and a brushed interior. The French press maker comes with a varied touch handle and handle for comfortable and safe pouring. Customer Support: We Offer Not Only Top Grade-A Quality Products But Also Provide Top Of The Line Customer Service.

Good Grips Vegetable and Onion Chopper Container with Easy Pour Opening Dicer – 928111

Quickly and safely chops fruits, vegetables and more in one easy motion Convenient opening for easy pouring without lifting lid or disassembling Removable grid helps clean between chopper blades and snaps back into place after removal for easy on-board storage Lid designed to provide leverage for efficient chopping Stainless steel blade pattern and recessed cutting area keeps food in place

Colander Collapsible Over The Sink Colander with Handles Folding Strainer – 928110

Collapsible colander perfect for rinsing fruit & vegetables, draining pasta or canned foods; engineered for superior drainage Fits most sink shapes & sizes, compact space-saver design collapses and folds, easy to store in tight cupboards and limited space Kitchen strainer convenience features: non-slip handles gentle on all surfaces, dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 158? F/70?C Sturdy design holds its shape, built to last; made from non-toxic materials, BPA free for consumer health & safety

Outdoor Faucet Cover for Winter Garden Faucet Socks Outside Spigot Cover – 928108

Large Faucet Cover: Upgraded bigger size outside faucet socks to fit any standard garden faucets perfectly. Double faucet covers pack, simple product and concept, big help for your faucets. Protect Your Out Faucet Well: Our practical winter water faucet covers for effectively protecting your out faucets from freezing over and bursting pipes, surviving harsh weather. Definitely a great outdoor facuet sock cover to have on hand. Premium Quality Cold Faucet Covers Black: Made of waterproof durable outer fabric and thicker 3cm fiberfill, the tall faceut winter cover performs great in insulation, durable faucet sock insulated also reusable for years. Easy to Use: The heavy duty covers for faucet protectors are easy to install and stayed in place. By far the easiest and fastest way to cover your outside faucets. Also super easy to remove and re-install the faucet insulation cover when you need to run the water with the velcro strap. It also does a good job in fastening and securing the cover around the faucets. Widely Use: Faucet cover socks can work with different faucet types, such as garden faucet, public faucet, hose bibs, yard faucet, etc. Perfect choice for preventing frozen water pipe damage.